J-H(St)H ...Lg - Halogen free (HFFR), fire alarm, data cable Maximize

J-H(St)H ...Lg - Halogen free (HFFR), fire alarm, data cable

Conductor           : plain copper, solid.
Insulation             : HFFR compound, HI2, VDE 0207-23.
Core identification : VDE 0815. *cables with 2 pairs laid up as a star quad.
Pair                     : laid up in layers of optimum pitch.
Lay-up                 : star quads, each 5 star quads stranded in units,
                            each unit laid up in layers.
Separator            : polyester tape.
Screen                : tinned Cu drain wire under the AL-PES tape.  
                           Phi: 0,40 mm ≤10 pairs.  
                           Phi: 0,60 mm > 10 pairs. 
                           Upon requst drain wire dimension.
Outer sheath       : HFFR compound, HM2, VDE 0207-24.  
                           HFFR: Halogen-free flame retardant.
Sheath colour      : RAL 3000, Red.

More details

These halogen-free cables are used for fire alarm systems, signal and data communications in fixed indoor installations. The screen provides protection against external pulses. These cables are used in schools, airports, hospitals, etc. and in environments which have no corrosive gases emitted in the event of fire. In case of fire, these cables inhibit the propagation of flames whereby the development of smoke is extremely low.

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