Corporate Social Responsibility

The responsibility of being a leader drives Halley Cables' attitude towards sustainability in all of its forms, with a particular emphasis on sustainable technological innovations, in the solutions offered to customers. Furthermore, being a leader, Halley Cables commits towards environmental conservation, and the management of relations with the local communities in which the company operates, as well as the management of safety at work and the development of its personnel.

Within the social dimension of its area of operation, Halley Cables recognizes its commitment and responsibility towards the persons who are part of the organisation, as well as those who form the local communities in the regions in which the company is active.

In line with its values, Halley Cables constantly tries to ensure the personal and professional satisfaction of its human resources. Furthermore, the company tries to communicate with, and involve the indigenous population in its plans, in order to generate value for these important categories of stakeholders.

As a conclusion, Halley Cables always tries to stay connected and aware of the need to improve its technological means, preserve the environment, manage and develop relations with local communities and personnel.  In addition, the company always strives to recognize the commitment of the persons belonging to the organization and the local communities; it also tries to ensure the satisfaction of its human resources and indigenous populations in order to generate value.

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