S.C. Halley Cables S.R.L.
Str. Siderurgistilor nr. 9, PS2/76.
Postal Code: 800478.
Phone: 0040 236 319000.
Fax:     0040 236 319085.
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Vendor Identification

VAT (Value Added Tax) No: 

RO 18446198.

Chamber of Commerce Registration No:


Custom Identification No in CE:

EORI CODE : RO 18446198.


Quality Standards

Quality Management System certificate                                        ISO 9001:2000.
Environmental Management System Certificate                             ISO 14000.
Occupational Health and Safety Management System Certificate     ISO 18000.

Proof of our validity of the VAT  => CLICK HERE

Other Certifications

Ministry of Public Works and Regional Planning (M.L.P.A.T.) certificate number: 020-05/1185 & 020-05/1186.

National Institute of Research-Development for Mining Safety and Explosion Proof (INSEMEX) certificates numbers:
from SECEEx.2012.15006X to SECEEx.2012.15009X.

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