Online Privacy Policy Offered by Halley Cables

As a customer-oriented business, we, Halley Cables, besides from adhering to existing privacy laws such as the ones implemented by the National Supervisory Authority for Personal Data Processing (A.N.S.P.D.C.P.), are preoccupied with the interests and necessities of our clients. When we process your data we focus on protecting as much privacy as possible.

If you accept our offer found at, you will agree with the following terms, statements and conditions.

We believe that data protection is a customer-oriented quality feature. As we regard the protection of your privacy with great significance, especially your personal rights when processing and utilizing such information, we are mentioning the following pieces of information:

Authorization for Data Processing

Any data transferred by you, in which you request information such as inquiries, orders, etc. or services rendered by us, will be registered, processed and stored as mentioned in the data protection regulations, enabling us to comply with your respective requests. We shall, of course, respect all regulated data protection and privacy requirements.

Data transfer via the Internet

We must inform you that data transfer through the World Wide Web a.k.a. Internet currently happens mostly unprotected. For this reason, we will accept your permission to process data which you transfer to us electronically to a limited extent only.

We cannot exclude that any data transferred may be used or even falsified by unauthorized third parties. If you want to avoid this risk, you can send your ideas, requests and suggestions by surface mail to our addresses listed in the Company => Location section.

Data Storage

Regarding your access, data will be stored temporarily on our servers for the purpose of data security, which may carry an identification (e.g. IP address, date, time, and pages browsed). An assessment will take place for statistical purposes only. You will be permitted upon request to obtain information free of charge regarding any of your own personal data stored in our servers. You will also be entitled to adjust, freeze and/or delete them. Furthermore, your e-mail contents and form entries are also protected by laws of A.N.S.P.D.C.P. against unauthorized disclosure and processing.

Remote links

If hyperlinks to other websites are on our website we cannot guarantee any confidential processing of your data, whenever you visit these hyperlinked locations. We expressly distance ourselves from the contents of the websites made accessible by hyperlink and for this reason no contextual correctness, completeness and availability can be guaranteed by Halley Cables. We cannot be made liable for any privacy infringements that may occur in above mentioned cases.

Revocation / Information

The permission that you gave Halley Cables to process your data can be revoked in a written letter or by e-mail addressed to any time with future effect. You also are entitled to receive information free of charge if requested regarding your stored personal and private data.

Use of "Cookies"

A “cookie”, is a small piece of data sent from a website and stored in a user's web browser while the user is browsing that website. These enable us to provide you with detailed information and upgraded services. Any information stored by “cookies” will be recognized by our website only, as soon as you visit it again. Most web browsers accept “cookies” automatically. However, by simple clicking, you can change the setting of your browser if you do not wish to have this feature.

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