About us

Halley Cables is currently one of the leading cables and wires supplying companies in Romania, Eastern Europe and the Middle East. Our company serves its customers through a network of carefully chosen partners and we offer solutions for the energy, power distribution, infrastructure, industrial, buildings, renewable, multimedia, lift & cranes, mining & tunnels, airports, ports, naval industry, military & defence, on & off-shore, oil & gas sectors amongst others.

With an extensive portfolio of products that can meet thousands of diverse application requirements, we continuously invest in research and development in order to maintain and expand our leadership in the field by creating the best solutions to meet tomorrow’s market needs.

We strive constantly to improve and enhance our knowledge and performance by delivering all types of cables accompanied by personalised services for projects and customers throughout the world. In a way, we connect the world by providing the power to perform.

The desire to offer the best products drives us to ensure that everything we deliver is certified and in accordance with international standards such as:

Quality Management System certificate                                          ISO EN 9001;
Environmental Management System Certificate                               ISO EN 14000;
Occupational Health and Safety Management System Certificate       ISO EN 18001;

Conformity Standards: VDE, BS, NF, OVE, IEC, HAR, TS, GOST, CEI, UNEL, CENELEC, RINA, DIN, BV, NV, Lloyd’s, UL.

Customer focus, defined as the ability to anticipate and quickly meet customer needs, is a trademark of Halley Cables and is reflected in our constant presence, from product delivery to providing a level of service in line with the customer expectations, which are constantly monitored using detailed, approved parameters.

Halley Cables has established strong relationships with major European corporations in each of the industries in which it operates, constantly delivering projects designed to meet specific customer requirements. We have established strong business relationships with corporations from United Kingdom, Turkey, Germany, France, Austria, Netherlands, Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Denmark, Russia, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and Kuwait.

Our vision is to become one of the most dependable suppliers of cables and electrical equipment, with a focus on constantly improving customer satisfaction. By choosing to work with us you have the guarantee of an open-minded, straightaway partner, whose main goal is to satisfy your needs in the best terms possible.

All these aspects combined will make you associate Halley Cables with the values it promotes:

                        - customer oriented policy                                         - top quality
                        - balance between prices & performance                 - smooth information flow in each step.
                        - quick response and short delivery terms                - extended experience

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