H05Z-K - Halogen-free single core wire Maximize

H05Z-K - Halogen-free single core wire

Cable standard                   : DIN VDE 0282-9.
Harmonisation                    : HD 22.9 S2+A1.
Conductor construction       : DIN EN 60228 class 5.
Nominal voltage Uo/U          : 300/500 V.
Test voltage                      : 2000 V (AC).
Temperature range             : in motion +5°C till +90°C.
Operating temperature        : short circuit at 250 °C.
Short circuit time                : max. 5 sec.
Bending radius                    : one time/fixed 6 x diameter.
Flammability                        : EN 60332-1; IEC 60332-1.

More details

These halogen-free installation wires with improved properties in the case of fire are destined for use in dry locations, for wiring lamps, appliances, switchgears and distribution cabinets, in buildings. These cables are also suitable for installation in conduits, on, in and under the wall surface. In case of fire, these wires inhibit the propagation of flames and the development of smoke is extremely low. No corrosive gases are emitted in the event of fire.

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