JE-H(St)H Bd Z FE180 E30/E90 - Halogen free installation cable for industrial electronics Maximize

JE-H(St)H Bd Z FE180 E30/E90 - Halogen free installation cable for industrial electronics

Smoke density test                          : IEC 61034-2 & TS/DIN EN 61034-2
Halogen-free properties test              : IEC60754-1/2 & TS/DIN EN 50267-2
Flame test                                      : IEC 60332-3 & TS/DIN EN 50266-2-4
Insulation integrity                           : IEC 60331 , VDE 0472-814
Fire resistance with mechanical shock : DIN EN 50200; PH30-PH60-PH 90
System circuit integrity                     : DIN 4102-12; E30 & E90
Conductor resistance (loop)              : 0.80 mm : 73.2 MΩ/km
Operating voltage, peak                   : Max. 225 V
Temperature range                         : Fixed: - 30° C ~ + 70° C
                                                      Mobile: - 5° C ~ + 50° C
Min. bending radius                          : 7,5 x D

More details

This cable (fire proof and halogen free) is used in a fixed operating mode and can continue the supply of power for a period of 180 minutes under fire conditions (at a temperature of 750° C and in the flames ). Furthermore, this cable satisfies the EN50200 test which is a fire resistant with mechancal shock test (performed at 842° C and a mechanical shock) by the classes PH15-PH30-PH60-PH90. It also complies with DIN 4102-12, E30 and E90 which is a system of tests meant to ensure that all components are able to maintain the system circuit integrity. These halogen-free screened installation cable's twisted pairs (in pair form) are mainly used for industrial electronics, telecommunication, control and data engineering, where low current consumption is required and transmision of data must be continuous, with the connection of computers, information and transmission systems, the transmission of analogue and digital signals in processor-controlled equipment must be ensured. The screen provides protection against external pulses. These cables are used in schools, airports, hospitals, etc. and in environments which have no corrosive gases emitted in the event of fire. In case of fire, these cables inhibit the propagation of flames and the development of smoke is extremely low.

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