Cables & Wires

Halley Cables is a leading company of cables & wires in Europe and in some regions of the Middle East.

High Voltage – Turnkey Solutions

We offer full engineering services for 54-550 kV cable line construction based on the customers’ demands.

Power Generators and UPS’s

Our company provides a wide range of generators and Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) …

Renewable energy

Our main activities include: wind farms, photovoltaic and solar-thermal power station investments …

Our Group’s goal is to ensure continuity and reliability of supply based on objective criteria such as price and quality.

Our company focuses on using the best modern domestic and international engineering practice cooperating with the leading engineering institutes, suppliers and new technology developers.

We work with the best products whose quality is certified and in agreement with the highest international standards.

  • Quality Management System Certificate ISO EN 9001
  • Environmental Management System Certificate ISO EN 14000
  • Occupational Health and Safety Management System Certificate ISO EN 18001

We make fast decisions, we are very competent and we have experienced managerial skills. Our sales department always processes the requests in a very short time. Halley Cables team members are coordinated effectively, adapting on a set of common goals, this being the engine that propels our company.